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Fernando Alonso's Saudi Arabian Grand Prix Podium Reinstated After Review: F1 Fans Rejoice!

Aston Martin's Request for Right of Review Leads to Alonso Regaining Third-Place Finish

F1 fans, get ready to celebrate as Fernando Alonso's third-place finish at the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix has been reinstated after a review by the FIA. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the controversial penalty that Alonso received and the events that led to the decision being overturned. We will also explore the impact of this decision on the F1 championship standings.

Controversial Penalty Costs Alonso Podium Finish

Alonso had a promising start to the race, leading the pack for the opening laps. However, his race took a turn for the worse when he was handed a five-second penalty for lining up outside his grid slot. This penalty was followed by a 10-second penalty for not serving the first penalty correctly. As a result, Alonso lost his podium finish and was demoted to fifth place.

Aston Martin Requests Right of Review

Aston Martin, the team representing Sebastian Vettel, requested a Right of Review following the race. The team submitted a letter to the FIA, citing video evidence of seven different instances where cars were touched by the jack while serving a similar penalty to Alonso's without being penalized. The team argued that there was no clear agreement between the FIA and the teams that touch the car in any way, including with a jack, would constitute 'working' on the car for the purposes of Article 54.4 (c) of the Sporting Regulations.

FIA Reverses Decision and Restores Alonso's Podium Finish

The FIA reviewed the evidence presented by Aston Martin and determined that there was significant and relevant new evidence to trigger a review of the decision. The video evidence and the verbal evidence from Aston Martin and the FIA called into question the substratum of the original decision, namely the representation of there being an agreement. The FIA subsequently reversed its decision and reinstated Alonso's podium finish.

Impact on F1 Championship Standings

Alonso's reinstated podium finish has significant implications for the F1 championship standings. With Max Verstappen winning the race and Lewis Hamilton finishing in second place, the gap between the two championship rivals has narrowed to just six points. Alonso's third-place finish puts him ahead of Valtteri Bottas in the championship standings and could play a crucial role in the battle for the constructors' championship.

F1 Fans Rejoice as Alonso's Podium Finish is Restored

F1 fans around the world have welcomed the decision to reinstate Alonso's podium finish. The Spanish driver is one of the most popular figures in the sport, and his performance at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was widely praised by fans and pundits alike. The controversy surrounding his penalty only served to increase the excitement and drama of the race.


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